Hapa Ramen - The Moveable Feast that brought amazing Ramen to SF

Here we will take a closer look at the menu of Hapa Ramen. While at first glance, it seems like there wasn’t a lot on offer, this really was the point. There were a handful of dishes, perfected and made with love. Perhaps more restaurants should follow the same concept. Is it not better to serve a few dishes that you know are utterly amazing, than have masses of options made in a mediocre manner? With less menu items, the chef can concentrate on making each dish just perfect. They can take their time with the flavors and the presentation.

When you ate a bowl of Hapa Ramen ramen, you could taste the love that had gone into the creation of it.

A closer look at those dishes on the menu at Hapa Ramen

Big Daddy Ramen Bowl
The ultimate bowl to order, when you were feeling really hungry, was the Big Daddy Ramen bowl. This was also the perfect dish to order if you couldn’t make your mind up between the pork bowl and the fried chicken bowl as you got both with this. Personally, I always went for this one. What the heck! I wanted both!
In this delicious bowl you got slices of tender pork that had been slowly roasted. The pork was procured from a local farm, with the pigs being allowed to roam freely. The same with the chickens, they were all free range, as were the chickens that the eggs came from. The chicken was perfectly fried and with both pork and chicken in the broth, and of course your hand made noodles, you’d then have a fine selection of seasonal vegetables added, and the icing on the cake? A whole slow cooked egg. This was the only dish that came with an egg automatically added to it. Well, it is the Big Daddy dish after all! But, you could add an egg to any other dishes at a small extra cost.

Slow Cooked Pork Ramen Bowl
This dish included just the slow cooked pork. It was a true delight, full of meaty flavor.

Fried Chicken Ramen Bowl
If you like fried chicken then you would have loved the fried chicken ramen bowl from Hapa Ramen. It was the best of both worlds for me. Fried chicken AND ramen, in one bowl! Heaven.

Miso Market Bowl
Vegetarians didn’t need to miss out at Hapa Ramen. They were well catered for with the Miso Market Bowl, stuffed full of an assortment of local, organic veggies.