Hapa Ramen - The Moveable Feast that brought amazing Ramen to SF

I’m not scared to admit it, I absolutely adore ramen, so much so, some people say I’m obsessed with it. While I wouldn’t go that far, I will say that it is by far my favorite dish to eat, it doesn’t matter what time of day or what day of the year. Birthday ramen? Yay! Christmas dinner ramen? Of course, why not?

My mission to spread the ramen word

It saddens me that there are people out there that have never eaten ramen. It’s like going through life having never tried chocolate or pizza. it’s just something everyone needs to eat! The problem is, ramen doesn’t always look that full of flavor. Sure, it can look nicely presented, sometimes it looks like a work of art in a bowl, but, when someone who has never tried ramen looks at it, all they see are the main ingredients. A bit of pork, some plain noodles, a few vegetables. It’s not really thrilling stuff. Not when you can go over the road and have a bacon cheeseburger or a hot and spicy curry. But you need to try it to understand, and that’s the key.

What’s so special about ramen anyway?

They thing is about ramen, is that it’s all in the broth. The bits of the dish that you see, the noodles, the slices of pork, some seasonal greens and perhaps a boiled egg, these are just the additions to the broth, they are not the main event. With a good broth, everything else takes on those amazing flavors.

A simple dish full of complex flavors

Ramen is the perfect blend of simplicity and complexity. Simple ingredients, perfectly blended together to give a flavor that is out of this world. Done well, ramen can blow you away. It’s steeped in tradition, people have been eating ramen for hundreds of years. Over the years, those recipes for the broth have been tweaked and perfected.

The perfect comfort food

Eat a bowl of ramen and you feel like you’re getting a hug from your dinner. It’s warm and nourishing, it’s full of nutrients so it’s also good for you. It’ll help fend off illnesses and it’ll also give your mind a boost. If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, a bowl of ramen will soon sort you out!