Hapa Ramen - The Moveable Feast that brought amazing Ramen to SF

Why have we set up this website?

First, I’ll explain a little about my reasons for setting up this website. This is no longer the official website of Hapa Raman, because it is now closed down and not in business any longer. So I’ve taken the opportunity to set up this website as a little tribute to the best ramen restaurant I ever had the pleasure to visit. I’ve done this so others who may be searching because they have happy memories of Hapa Ramen too, can come along and reminisce with me!

Why Hapa Ramen?

Why Hapa Ramen and why not any of the other multitude of ramen restaurants in the area? Well it’s simply. Hapa Ramen was my personal favorite. It has a certain something that other ramen places just haven’t shown me yet.

Food with feeling

The reason why I personally loved Hapa Ramen so much was twofold. Firstly, it was the flavor. Yes it’s that simple. They put a lot of time and effort into perfecting their recipes and it showed. Each dish was like an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Secondly, it was their integrity. All the produce was locally sourced. Everything was done with ethics in mind. They were all about natural, cruelty free, organic produce. All their meat was free range. These ethics came across in their way with the customers. You just knew you were never going to be short-changed when you bought your ramen, or given a measly sized portion. You just felt like all they wanted was to make you happy. Food cooked with love and served with love. THAT is what made Hapa Ramen so special to me.